The New Energy Economy, long predicted and much debated, is now on the horizon.

We have reached a critical tipping point, price parity between renewables and carbon-based fuel, a watershed moment historically impeded by mature technology and conventional regulatory and finance structures. No longer a hopeful vision for the future, the New Energy Economy now promises to deliver this new paradigm.

The use of waste streams for energy has been the most difficult piece of this puzzle. Mistakes have been made in scale, finance, technological approach, and legal framework. PRG has mastered what is required to safely and profitably deploy capital in this space. Through concentrated diligence, we adhere to a process that delivers bankable agreements, proven technology, methodical site selection, and a dogged pursuit of complex permits. Our success is predicated on a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of experience in traditional and renewable energy generation.



PRG has the core competencies for successful, in-house energy project execution; from legal to engineering, logistics to finance, PRG has it covered. We have a proven track record of working collaboratively, both in-house and with our dynamic team of vendors, to successfully build complex projects. With a breadth of experience, our team can react quickly and flexibly to a challenging and ever-changing environment. Visit our “Team” page to discover more information on the leaders whose vision and project execution experience are transforming the energy landscape.



PRG is an Independent Power Producer: we vet waste streams, sites, and off-take partners; develop solid, finance-ready technological approaches and legal frameworks; and fund, build, and operate distributed-energy power plants using waste-derived fuel.



The time is now. If you have a waste stream with energy content or a facility or site with energy demand, contact us to determine the potentiality of a project. If you wish to deploy capital into this market, safely and with an impressive rate of return, please contact us. PRG and its affiliates have to date successfully raised ~$28M for energy projects.



The PRG operations and accounting unit is based on Main Street in Farmville, North Carolina—an epicenter of industrial agriculture in the United States and the site of PRG’s flagship ag-waste-to-energy projects. With additional offices in Toronto, Ontario, PRG is well situated to tackle projects throughout the United States and Canada.

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